Evaluate Planogram Compliance with just a Photograph

The Image Recognition or computer vision technology of Storecheck Vision will reduce the capture time for your promoters and increase the detail with which you evaluate your execution.

Image recognition is activated from Storecheck Field, and with just one shelf photograph, you'll be able to determine:

Availability and out-of-stocks

Shelf share (SOS)

Competitors’ facings

Planogram compliance

Communicated prices, among others


In less than 5 minutes and with up to 97% accuracy, Storecheck Vision identifies products, compares them against the target planogram, and generates tasks for field personnel based on detected opportunities.

By analyzing and diagnosing images, automatic tasks are generated to instantly address any situation at the point of sale. When used in conjunction with HUB, Storecheck Vision’s analysis is enhanced, generating enriched indicators with chain sell-out data.

Storecheck Vision’s Image Recognition or computer vision technology will streamline your promoters’ data capture process and enhance the detail of your execution evaluation.


Combine and turn all your data into actionable insights with Storecheck Hub


Success Stories

Storecheck has been a catalyst in our business model and has helped us enhance our services with other agencies.

Roberto Campos
Roberto Campos

General Manager

The fied rep receives real and up-to-date data right away on their phones. This has saved time money and effort to the company.

Sinuhé Cruz
Sinuhé Cruz

Head of Trade Marketing & Catman

Before using Storecheck one of our core brands had 26% of Market share… today our brand has 43% of Market share.

José Luis Reyes
José Luis Reyes

General Tade Marketing