With Storecheck Autopilot, we adapt to what your project needs, not the other way around

Add a team of experts to your in-store execution project with Autopilot.

Improve your in-store execution project by leveraging the Autopilot advanced support service, which provides you with a team of skilled professionals.

This multidisciplinary team can assist you with a wide range of needs, including access to:

  • Advisors
  • Expert Support
  • Data Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Team
  • Data Scientists
  • Web and Mobile Developers

With Autopilot, you can benefit from our expertise in machine learning processes, custom reports, and more.

From our
first project
in 2003 to today

we've learned that while all our clients may have similar objectives, their approach is unique.

That's why with Storecheck Autopilot, we adapt to these nuances to deliver exceptional results.


Storecheck Autopilot integrates a multidisciplinary team of experts in data, SQL, Data Analysis, Python, and Business Intelligence systems like Power BI, and Quicksight, among many others.

<b><ins>We walk together with the client</ins></b> throughout the project.

We walk together with the client throughout the project.

Our experience allows us to propose <b><ins>real solutions that work</ins>.</b>

Our experience allows us to propose real solutions that work.

<b><ins>We integrate</ins></b> with other platforms.

We integrate with other platforms.

We develop features and <b><ins>reports tailored to your needs</ins>.</b>

We develop features and reports tailored to your needs.

We offer <b><ins>support and guidance</ins></b> whenever you need it.

We offer support and guidance whenever you need it.

Our level of service is <b><ins>signed and guaranteed</ins></b> by contract.

Our level of service is signed and guaranteed by contract.

With Storecheck Autopilot, you can technify your work methodology without changing it.


Ensure reliable information for your entire organization, explore Storecheck's plans.

Success Stories

Storecheck has been a catalyst in our business model and has helped us enhance our services with other agencies.

Roberto Campos
Roberto Campos

General Manager

The fied rep receives real and up-to-date data right away on their phones. This has saved time money and effort to the company.

Sinuhé Cruz
Sinuhé Cruz

Head of Trade Marketing & Catman

Before using Storecheck one of our core brands had 26% of Market share… today our brand has 43% of Market share.

José Luis Reyes
José Luis Reyes

General Tade Marketing