Grow Your Sales by Achieving a Perfect Shopping Experience

with Our Perfect Retail Execution.

The concept of the Perfect Store emerged in the early 2000s, aiming to create an ideal shopping experience that maximizes sales opportunities for brands.

In essence, the Perfect Store is where consumers find products at the right moment and place, positively influencing their purchasing behavior towards brands.

Offer shoppers an exceptional shopping experience in the ``perfect store.`` Implement our PREX methodology (Perfect Retail Execution), evaluate execution, assign a rating to each store, and instantly identify areas for improvement.


PREX translates the 4Ps of the perfect store concept into an agile method for evaluating Perfect Store Execution indicators:


Availability, presence, and assortment compliance.


Visibility, shelf share (SOS), or planogram compliance.


Pricing, adherence to target prices.


Promotional activities.

Keep a close eye on these KPIs and ensure that your customers always find your products on the shelf.

Our Perfect Store methodology has been extensively tested, and we know it aligns with your business strategy.

Activate it and consult the report with data at the country, state, channel, chain, format, store, category, brand, segment, or product level.

Let Storecheck be your control tower.

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Success Stories

Storecheck has been a catalyst in our business model and has helped us enhance our services with other agencies.

Roberto Campos
Roberto Campos

General Manager

The fied rep receives real and up-to-date data right away on their phones. This has saved time money and effort to the company.

Sinuhé Cruz
Sinuhé Cruz

Head of Trade Marketing & Catman

Before using Storecheck one of our core brands had 26% of Market share… today our brand has 43% of Market share.

José Luis Reyes
José Luis Reyes

General Tade Marketing