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Optimize Your Product Strategy with OurAdd-Ons

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Image recognition technology improves merchandisers' efficiency

Storecheck Vision’s Image Recognition technology will reduce the collection time of your field teams and give you more detailed data to track your retail execution goals.

Activate image recognition in the Storecheck app and, with just one photograph of the shelf, you will be able to determine the availability, share of shelf, competition facings, planogram compliance and other KPIs, in less than 5 minutes with 94% accuracy.


The results of the image diagnosis generate automatic tasks that allow you to immediately address any issues at the POS: all you need to do is turn on the Autopilot.

With our E-learning platform, you can remotely train and assess your team.

With Storecheck, the team will have access to training, assessments, and certifications that accredit them as the experts your brand needs.

Storecheck Academy allows teams to always access company´s content and courses. You just create a course, assessments and publish them for your team. Add it now to your Storecheck Field app!

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