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Get a point of sales diagnosis
in seconds

By taking photographs of the shelves, your field reps receive a detailed list of actions to be performed during
the visit, ensuring adherence to the Perfect Store design.



How does it work?

Field Rep taking pictures
at the shelf

Our camera in puzzle mode
allows field reps to take
pictures instantly.


Processing on
the cloud

Supported by artificial intelligence,
we process the photos to
convert them in data.


An instant diagnosis of
KPI execution at the POS
is obtained

Cross checking data points
provides real time insights
about the shelf.


Using this diagnosis, field reps
are guided to specific

Execution data and on ground retail
information is merged to generate
specific actions and tasks.


Actions Triggered

A list of actions are triggered, sorted
by its economic impact on sale.

All KPI´s
through photos

Image recognition reduces the field reps time to gather
metrics, make notes and improving reliability.

Photos provide real time insights about:

  • Shelf availability

  • Facings of your product and the competition
  • Price tag
  • Planogram compliance
  • Promotions and POP material implementation