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Inventory in-store analytics

Our data harmonization tool is called Retail Beat. Retail Beat robots connect to clients’ systems on a programmed schedule, generating and extracting files that contain inventory, sell-out and pipeline.

Transform data into strategic action resulting in competitive advantages for your brand by using our inventory and sell-out data harmonization platform.  

Automated file extraction. Data standardization, storage and conversion. Online analytics in real time.


This tool allows you to connect on a scheduled basis to a customer’s system to generate, manage and extract inventory, sell-out and files for orders in the pipeline.

One single database

Centralize inventory and sell-out data into a single standardized database.

Storage for data history unlocks the potential to analyze consumer trends and patterns efficiently.

Find opportunities

Customizable algorithms help you evaluate the impact of opportunities and to focus field actions where value is maximized. Through indicators that monitor in-store inventory health, simplify searches for opportunities that make the difference with respect to sales.

Communicate opportunities

Those accountable for in-store execution receive notifications on their devices to capitalize on opportunities. Field personnel will be empowered with relevant information to maintain a healthy inventory and be able to prevent crisis situations.

*Compatible with the Storecheck In Store Execution platform

Automated extraction

- Digital robots from major supermarket chains and wholesalers that download the inventory and sell-out files on a scheduled basis.

- Custom developed robots that adapt to clients’ systems.

- Manual system for submitting files to the data harmonization platform.

Data standardization

The interface enables received data to be translated into your company’s code and language. To do this, the customer’s catalog of items is linked with the main catalog. The system takes care of its own catalog and organizes the information as desired each time.


Extracted information is stored on safe servers in Amazon’s web services cloud. The database allows storage of historical data that is required to analyze consumer trends.

Data transformation

The platform’s digital algorithms process the information received and turn it into powerful indicators that simplify opportunity searches at points of sale.

This means that big data is transformed into qualified actions to prioritize field personnel activity.

Online analytics

A user-friendly interface with robust data modeling provides users with strong analytical capability. Accessibility to online reports ensures that the entire commercial team can closely monitor inventory health for products in stores.



Stand alone


Unlimited maintenance users

2 analytics users

300 millions if rows

7 standard robots

3 custom robots

2 custom reports


Daily automated download / Manual upload interface / Catalog harmonization platform / In Stock Analytics Dashboard



Customized screens

Customized KPI and business rules implementation

Demand planning modules

Other data sources integration (market share, sell-in, forecast, etc) 





Add ons


Extra storage

$340 USD/month (anual commitment). $365 USD/month.

300 millions of extra rows
2 extra analytic users

Daily backup / Security provided my Amazon Web Services


Plug - in storecheck

$5 USD/month (anual commitment) $5.5 USD/month

1 mobile user

Compatible with any Storecheck platform.


Custom reports

Custom designed reports.

Downloadable in Excel, Tableau, PDF, Html or available for online consultation.