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Technology at your service

Our platform allows you to streamline the entire process, from data collection and project management to producing strategic value indicators.

You will reduce visiting time and empower field personnel with in-store inventory analytics, communication guides and instant execution.

Communication and control

The app’s internal code controls the GPS, clock and metadata for photo-evidence so that field personnel are monitored at all times.

In areas with internet coverage, notifications and communication via chat with representatives is continuous. When no internet connection is available, consulting and collecting information is still possible. Once the connection is reactivated, notifications will be updated immediately.

Tasks and evaluation

The platform allows precise configuration for each task so that every visit is timely and efficient.

You can combine work cycles, metrics, forms, store formats, regions and stores. Customized data input interfaces can be configured, simplifying evaluations for task compliance.

Performance and objectives

Establish clear scope objectives on value indicators so that rating staff members’ performance is simple and streamlined through a continuous improvement process.

Setting goals for display, in-store inventory health or task compliance can be applied generally or specifically for each point of sale.

Project Management

Collaborative: Store catalog maintenance, routes and SKU portfolio definition through algorithms that receive feedback from field personnel.

Self-management: Operating rules are defined and uploaded by the administrator.

Assisted: The administrator defines operating rules and our support team takes care of the rest.

Intelligent data gathering

The platform allows you to customize your app without having to adapt to pre-established interfaces. This enables screen creation by location saving data entry time.

Minimize incorrect data submission and duplicate data entries defining data gathering rules.

Activate locks, mandatory routes, request for photo-evidence and other control mechanisms that will grant you total authority over field personnel.

Inventory analytics

You will be able to empower field staff with information regarding in-store inventory levels and health as well as orders in the pipeline.

Field personnel will receive better diagnoses that allow them trace the best route to visit stores, define priorities for display strategies and reinforce in-store negotiating points.

What’s more, with Retail Beat data harmonization tool, you will be able to obtain sell-out and inventory information that is automatically processed while allowing you to identify opportunities in order to improve execution and increase sales.

Analytics for Perfect Store

Raw data is automatically transformed into KPIs. With our platform, you do not have to run data reviews and transformation processes in Excel.

Forget about paying thousands to implement business intelligence software.





24Hrs Time and Attendance tracker

Pre-loaded store catalog



24Hrs Time and Attendance tracker

Pre-loaded store catalog

Control times and movements with embedded KPI (25 months)

Attendance Photo evidence (13 months)

Post news

Private chat



Everything included in Control version +

In Store Execution fundamentals

Perfect Store KPI’s (25 months)

Forms (25 months)

Retail Beat Plug-In Compatible



Everything included in Pro version +

Supervision Module

Store incidence tracking module

Centralized Route management

Goal configuration for perfect store KPI’s

Intelligent Data Gathering


Add ons


Custom reports

Custom designed reports with data cleansing algorithms and complex indicator calculation. Downloadable in Excel, Tableau, PDF, Html or available for online consultation.


Project management

Technical Project management through catalog and system rules, Objectives upload for KPIs, report generation, review and submission.