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All business management KPIs in a single place

Storecheck Hub has a confidential database that contains large amounts of retail data like sell-in, sell-out, forecast, external stock data, POS execution, market research, etc.. Combined under a process of integration, cleaning and harmonization. The data is then transformed in powerful KPIs, useful and easily accessible by all the users involved in the commercial management of your company

Optimize the supply chain from
the factory to the shelf.

With Storecheck Hub, the different areas of your company may:

  • Have detail analytics of sales and performance of every SKU.
  • Maintain healthy stocks at the POS.
  • Identify out of stocks and root-causes.
  • Increase the promotion efficiency.
  • Launch new products successfully.

How does our Storecheck Hub work?



Data from several sources is
automatically extracted


Segregation of wrong
or duplicated data.


Translation of codes and external
data names in a common


Calculation of KPI’s and
compliance vs objectives.


Publish or share information based on
the profile and position
of every user.

If you need to automatically generate and communicate the alerts with actionable tasks, Autopilot
is the service that you need. With it, you will be able to automate
actionable steps to help the supply chain, Customer Planning Forecasting, Key Account and Field Rep
managers to maintain availability and stock health at all times. Thus, recovering loss sales.