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Real time supervision
of your field teams

Field Free allows you to instantly monitor KPI’s through powerful analytics. Design efficient routes to optimize and measure your field-teams performance. Get real time location insights about your field-reps, through standard and customized dashboards.

You can consult predetermined reports or design them
to your liking with the full version of Field.

One accurate version of the Truth!

Data inputs from POS visits are real time, highly reliable and accurate through geo-location and mandatory visit images. Instant notifications are generated in to alert if visits are undertaken without predefined geo-fencing, mobile equipment is turned off, using devices without SIM cards, to fake field activities, input false data or altering time zones at Check-in or Check-Out.capa-02

Customize Field for free

Schedule and share work routes instantly and automatically

Our preloaded database of thousands of geo-localized and sorted stores allows you plan store visits instantly and accurately and adding your regular stores and new locations, securely and confidentially.


With the free FIELD version, work plans are easily created and immediately posted for the day or future visit programs, by an easily identifying and tagging stores to specific field reps.

With the free field version, work plans are easily created and immediately posted for the day or for future visit programs, by simply identifying stores tagged to a specific field rep.


Field free is safe, reliable and very intuitive

Free Field IOS or Android works effectively and securely in both on-line and off-line modes, with a high level of encryption, ensuring your information and data is safe at all times. Intuitive screens allow field reps to report check-ins, check-outs and driving time to stores.

Field rep's work plan ensures work is actually being on site, in real time, and not in the past, such POS images, data gathering and inputs, via the app geo-location feature.

The Field Free version allows instant monitoring of KPIs, collection of real time data and enhancing staff capability through learning certifications.