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Ensure compliance of the agreements
with purchase departments

Free up your field reps from the clutter and inconvenience of paperwork, documents, guides, scorecards. Help them do what they should be doing during store visits. Ensuring healthy inventory. Getting most desirable facings and secondary placements. Developing strong commercial relationships with store managers and at the POS. Monitoring pricing and promotional activities and POP material placement. FIELD ensures all of this and much much more!

Get Field

Create, monitor,
analyze results &
KPI’s for your
“Perfect Store”!

Our reports and metrics allow
you to track and measure
execution KPIs at POS:

  • Share of shelf and availability
  • Stock compliance
  • Planogram and scorecard compliance
  • Price check
  • Store activation or secondary placements
  • POP correct placement

Eliminate and reduce
data mistakes during
field rep audits.

Using Vision add-on and image recognition, significantly increase audit precision and save precious time at every visit

Let's get the perfect store together

Ensure your stock is available in stores Never be out of stock!

FIELD with AUTOPILOT ensures that field reps provide real time and accurate assessments during store visits. They provide information of stock position and their own activities through photographs and data inputs. Such actions are taken to eliminate stock-outs, correcting stock shrinkage, improving shelf availability, guaranteeing availability to enhance and achieve profit targets.

Share your retail execution results
across the company

Powerful and dynamic reports allow you to focus on analytics, strategic
planning and decision making instead of spending time and resources on
gathering, managing and consolidating data.

Our platform allows you to automatically create, report and publish data and
information from one single, reliable and accurate source. Generate and choose
excel reports according to your needs.

Generate valuable
surveys in the
application module

Transform your field reps into market research agents.
Tailored surveys, which also allow for easier data
collection and analysis, provide deep understanding
of root causes to problems.