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Contact Sales


Ensure the compliance of agreements made with the chain

Field makes the communication with the field reps more agile and intuitive, providing them with your brand's strategy and execution goals. It allows your field team to better perform their work, to be more efficient and to keep their goals up to date, thus ensuring healthy inventories, presence on the shelves, and a better relationship with those in charge of the POS.

Create, monitor,
analyze results &
KPI’s for your
“Perfect Store”!

Our reports and metrics allow
you to track and measure
execution KPIs at POS:

  • Share of shelf and availability
  • Stock compliance
  • Planogram and scorecard compliance
  • Price check
  • Store activation or secondary placements
  • POP correct placement

Eliminate and reduce
data entry mistakes during
field rep audits.



Using Vision add-on and image recognition, significantly increase audit precision and save precious time at every visit



Keep up with your field team and the situations that arise at the POS

Field has a Ticket system that simplifies the bi-directional communication in order to track and follow up tasks and opportunities at the store. When tickets are created, the receivers must be selected along with the issues to be addressed, then, dynamic and effective communication workflows will be created.

Some of the tickets you can create are:

  • Request support in the store.
  • Detect damaged displays.
  • Temporary or permanent store closure.
  • Notify access restriction.
  • Request evidence of the execution progress.

Let's create the perfect store together

Beyond perfect execution

Autopilot can be integrated with Field and other Storecheck solutions, which will guarantee a good shopper experience by allowing you to optimize your routes and receive alerts of stock-outs or possible stock-outs to avoid sales loss.

Share your retail execution results
across the company

Our interactive report library will help you and your team to easily access
all the information, look at trends and indicators you need, so you can better
analyze and curate sales, supply chain and retail strategies.

Generate valuable
surveys in the
application module

Transform your field reps into market research agents by sending them tailored surveys, allowing them to perform data collection and analysis, and quick aggregation of date. This will help you to get indepth understanding of outstanding retail issues.