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Scope of our studies
in online omni-channel market places


Coherence between published
descriptions and images


Availability and delivery times


Price comparisons


Customer assessment


Sponsored Ads


Consumption mapping



At Storecheck you will find a great team of professionals
who will help you establish the rules of research
in order to answer e-commerce questions.

We have actuaries, statisticians, data scientists and
programmers of the highest level, at your service, to
design sampling arrangements, data extraction
mechanisms, data cleansing and debugging, to
calculate complex indicators and to analyze information
to generate business recommendations.

Hand in hand with powerful technologies

We use both our own and third-party
technologies for generating, processing
and reporting data.

To generate the data, we use regulated
forms that guarantee the quality of the
captured information, as well as scanner
readings and intelligent photo recognition.


We are experts in data management.
We have a large engineering area that manages
cloud services to receive, store and process
field information, to apply data cleansing
rules and to calculate complex indicators.

We use the most powerful statistical and
analytical systems in the market to
make the results available to all areas
having an interest in the study.