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Data driven
insights like:


Execution audits for your
products and your

  • Shelf Availability
  • Share of shelf
  • ◆   Planogram
  • Compliance

  • Promotions
  • Pricing
unnamed (9)

Visibility, distribution and pricing at the traditional smaller mom and pop stores and channels

unnamed (6)

Consumption, presence and activation at HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeterias)

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Quantitative customized research


We have some of the world’s best data scientists.

Our top level actuaries, statisticians, data scientists, programmers and technology specialist, will answer your business questions by helping you with complex research design, methodology, sample selection, data harmonization, analyzing complex KPIs, transforming these research driven insights into tangible business recommendations.



Hand in hand with powerful technologies

We use the world’s best technologies, our own and
third-party for generating, processing and
reporting data to give you these insights.

The quality of captured information and
data is guaranteed through regulated forms,
scanner readings and intelligent
photo recognition.

We are experts in data management.
Our extensive cloud services technology receives, stores, and processes field information, cleanses data by using complex Artificial Intelligence algorithms to derive complex, powerful indicators and actionable information and dashboards.

We use powerful statistical and analytical systems available in the market to provide results and information in any area, our customers required.






Power BI




Top-class team

Our field facilitators are trained to skillfully navigate
different retail channels and generate reliable, objective,
bias free and confidential information for our clients.
Our facilitators are rigorously assessed on the basis of

their compliance with tested and compliant research

methodologies, their ability to collect the right data,

and the quality of their output.