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Generate POP material placement tasks
and track their process

ASSETS allows you to track, in real time, your entire
supply chain of produced and/or placed materials in
your stores.

It assigns responsibilities in every part of the logistic
chain, from the supply of the material or equipment
to delivery suppliers right up to their placement at the
designated and correct spot at the store!


How does it work?


Generate placement tasks

Define the materials or assets to be placed, the logistic suppliers,
the locations and the placing agents.


Connect with your logistic company

The app instantly connects with all your suppliers, big or small


Track the service life of an asset

Real time asset tracking through the inputs of
anyone who comes in contact with the material
or equipment


Complete asset inventory
tracking and monitoring

Assets allows you to track in real time the
status and location of all active assets placed in
remote locations by:

  • Location of origin, transit and destination of the asset.
  • Responsible for each material or equipment.
  • History of the useful life of the asset.
  • Equipment removal and material destruction.