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Design your own courses and evaluate their effectiveness

With Academy, you can create a virtual University about your brands. You can now monitor effectiveness of Field Reps and Promoter knowledge, giving them access to informative content on the job to elevate their performance. This is easily done through any device with a Web navigator.

Statistics and ratings are integrated to the each user's profile, for performance evaluation and improvement


How does it work?


Monitor levels
of usage

Feedback is available about the level of progress and assimilation by each field rep or promoter in the course assigned.


Create a course

Design the training modules, upload the content into documents or videos and configure exams


Reward & Recognize

After completion, the ratings and certifications become part of the field rep and promoter's profile, allowing the management to identify each of them by their level of knowledge.


Facilitating learning
with the mentoring tools

The field rep or promoter will go through hands on training
using the following support tools:

  • Custom dashboard showing courses
    current, past and future, along with
    new information.
  • Collaboration through forums, glossaries
    and chat, allows participants to have real time
    discussions with peers and trainers
  • The academic calendar helps in keeping the
    learning milestones on track.
  • The notification system allows
    user receive automatic alerts
    about new tasks and assignments.